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Kid Jonesy

Kid Jonesy





Let's Collaborate:

You can use this template to start your design: 

Ideally, we create 1 to 5 designs, including a logo if you don't already have one. 

       Hit the share button and send me the link so we can collaborate.

We will decide what products you want (shirts, shorts, tumblers, etc). 

Then, we will create your storefront.

       You can use the kidjonesy url or buy your own for less than $10. 

The best way to make money is to do a pre-sale with an end date. 

You will advertise your pre-sale trying to generate as many sales as possible. 

Once the pre-sale is over, I'll make the items and deliver to you within 10 days. 

This is a zero-cost, zero-risk way for you to earn money. 

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Let's Collaborate


I use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Canva. I only use original artwork, original photographs, AI created images and royalty free images to create unique designs. 


Direct to Garment: DTG printing is the ideal custom design method. The benefits of DTG printing include a cost-efficient way to print low-volume items utilizing more colors than screen printing. With DTG you do not have to create items in advance. I can take any of your ideas and easily set up a print-on-demand online store for you! 

*The con to using DTG is that items do not have the same lifespan as screen printing. Shirts normally last 30 to 50 wash cycles. This can be extended if the shirts are turned inside out and washed on cold. ​

Sublimation: I sublimate all items in-house.


Clothing: Sublimation works best on 100% polyester, performance-style clothing. For shirts, I typically use Gilden 4200. This is a comfortable performance-style shirt that sublimates well. Sublimation prints do not wash out or fade over time. Polyester shirts do not shrink. 

*The con to sublimating clothing is that the print is sometimes not as vibrant as DTG, especially if the shirt is not 100% polyester. Also, different polyester shirts have a different vibrancy to them. 

Other Items: Skinny tumblers, 40oz Stanley Style tumblers, wind chimes, ornaments, earrings, slate, and many other items can be sublimated on. Just let me know what you want, and we can figure out how to sublimate it! 


I can work with you to design your own shop. I will process the orders, take care of all customer service, and provide a high-quality product. The more you advertise your shop, the more money you will make. There is zero-risk on your part. 


I will work with you to design items to sale. A banner page with the items to presale can be sent out. I will process all orders and deliver the final products to you. You can see an example here: 2024 LAX Play Day

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